From I Will To I Do, We'll Bring The Sound

Planning a wedding and all of the lead up events can be stressful beyond belief.  From the caterers and locations, to the colours and cocktails, there are thousands of little details to get straightened out.

We’ve been there!  With some of Niagara’s only female DJ’s, we’ve also had our own weddings, stag & does and bachelorette parties to plan.  As time ticks down, the stress levels from trying to get that fairy tale moment just right only increases.  We understand the desire to hit the right notes, at the right times, from the processional through the license signing and into the reception.

One At A Time, Or Wedding & All?

When it comes to weddings, it’s not just the ceremony itself to plan for, but the reception after, and potentially the stag & doe (and possibly bachelor and bachelorette parties) beforehand.  We can help out with all of these, or if you prefer just one.  Feel free to reach out and discuss your event needs, or a package of events to ease your mind and budget.

Plan The Music For Your Memories

The main thing that’s the same between any two weddings, is the fact that no two weddings are exactly the same.  In the end, however, weddings are about love and hope.  Love for the people involved and hope for their futures and those of their loved ones.  These foundations are the building blocks to create your own memories. 

Whether those memories start at the stag & doe, a bachelorette party, or the wedding itself, it is our privilege to bring the sounds which enhance those moments.  Weddings join the past and the future together in a unifying time, made up of little moments.  We’re happy to discuss your plans, hopes and dreams for your wedding, to try to ensure the day hits the perfect note to start your future together.

Reach out today, let us know the place, and we’ll bring the sound.