Milestones, Holidays & Corporate Events

Your employees have worked hard all year and together you’ve achieved that milestone.  Expanded sales, becoming profitable as a startup, nailing that huge contract.  These are all great reasons for corporate events. Discussing these feats are the moments where having selected the right DJ that can cue-in to a perfectly timed “Unbelievable!” can help enhance a speech and enliven the audience.

At Niagara Sound, we can work with you to help find the right cue-ins, the right background music and the right sound for your needs.  Whether it’s a sedate, soft background song to thank someone for years of service to start, or a up-beat selection to get the energy up to announce a huge win, we work with you to set the tone for your event.

Music For A Good Time

After working hard and hustling for you, it’s always appreciated when a good time is to be had after the dinners & speeches.  That’s where we come in.  No matter your business, whatever the business event, Niagara Sound specializes in bringing the best music and sound possible to ensure your employees have an amazing night.  We specialize in finding the right music to pack the dance floor and keep your staff moving and enjoying themselves all night long.

From inspiring people to dance “The Carlton”, to just cutting loose and having a good time with their peers, Niagara Sound can find the right song to bring some of the most hesitant onto the dance floor.

Let Us Help You Enjoy Your Event

You run your business like a professional.  You ensure that your employees are looked after, the corporate events happen, the bookings are done.  After that, don’t you deserve some time to cut loose, relax and enjoy a good dance or conversation with your friends?  We think so too, so let us worry about getting people onto the dance floor, to let go a little bit, and to have some fun and remind them why they love working with and for you.

Contact us, tell us the place, and we’ll bring the sound!